The Story Behind Josey's Art School

 Hi there! My name is Robin Norgren and I am the Creator of Josey's Art School.  Inspired by Mary Poppins and the movie Saving Mr. Banks, I wanted to take the sadness of my childhood and create something beautiful. 

I have an 11 year old daughter named Josey who is incredibly creative like most children are.  I also have an adult son who is just as creative.  But for some reason I did not seem to tap into my creative connection until the birth of my second child.  For some reason I felt completely disconnected from the way in which children could play in paint and see the world in vibrant colors.

I was on a mission in 2008 to find out if I had a creative voice.  I began to crochet - a childhood hobby - and moved into mixed media art and art journaling by 2012.  I found my creative voice and began to write and teach adults through books and workshops in 2013.  

In 2014 Josey and I were talking one day about art classes and how much fun she has when we get together to have art parties with her friends.  And then we began to discuss "what if...."

   Josey's Art School is the result of that conversation.

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