Creativity and Movement: Creativity in your Everyday Life

Hello friends!  We are excited to be a part of a blog hop going on today with some other artsy blogger friends.   Stephanie Amos initiated the invitation.  She is a phenomenal artist who creates in pottery, paint, bronze and in everyday life.  I had the honor to collaborate with her on a book entitled Savor your Life

Stephanie's work is found HERE and she blogs over HERE
The book is found HERE

Here are the questions:

What am I working on? 

We have started working on some items for the holiday craft fairs that will be here before you know it.  You see the pillow above?  We will be offering those at the events.

We are also offering needlepoint  and hemp jewelry.  These are also available in our etsy shop CLICK HERE
 How does my work differ from others of its genre? 

 Our work is infused with whimsy, joy and hope.

Why do I create what I do? 

Original Artwork sold auction style is found CLICK HERE

 We believe very strongly that God has given us the gift of creativity to help us process, navigate and overcome the trials of life. 

How does my creative process work?

Most of our inspiration is inspired by every day living.  We see places where we feel like a little color infusion, a little joy would brighten the soul.  We believe the child in each of us still wants to play and we give her the opportunity to do so.

 We have invited the lovely Sonya McCllough to blog with us on the hop.

 Sonya McCllough is Author, Speaker & Publisher. She is this crazy Jesus loving creative and master of ideation. As a child this creative acquired the skill of generating new ideas from her Father. Her mission is to inspire a Radical Love Revolution. Sonya is newly wed and lives in the heart of Tennessee with her family. 

Check her blog to find her answers to these questions:

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