Kids Art Masters: Sunflowers with Vincent Van Gogh

Week 6 in the Montessori Primary Classroom and we are studying one of Vincent Van Gogh's most famous series of paintings: Sunflowers

I am finally getting back in the swing of documenting but unfortunately the first few weeks I did not take pics of the creations made in the Primary classroom.

As an aid to other attempting to bring more art into the Montessori classroom I will make more of effort to document my findings.

Week 1 we introduced symbols of peace - the traditional peace sign, the dove, a lotus flower and a tree of peace
Week 2 I started with the Concentric Circles of Kandinsky
Week 3 I introduced Paul Klee and his beautifully shaped architecture
Week 4 I offered the texture and color of Mark Rothko
Week 5 I demonstrated color and texture with Claude Monet and his lovely bridge painting