Diary of a First Year Montessori Kindergarten Teacher - Week 10

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Good morning Montessori Kindergarten Families,

I apologize for being in your inbox so much this week — feels like the first week of school, eh? I have a ton to communicate with you and want to make sure you are part of the process in your child’s education. I am trying my best to create an appropriate subject line just in case you need to find something quickly. That said, be on the lookout for a Signup Genius link for our Autumn cooking project Pumpkin smoothies! BIG THANK YOU to Lincoln’s mom for sharing a recipe that covers all allergies in our classroom. I hope to have the class creating the smoothies this Thursday.
OKAY so on to what we did this week 🙂

Morning Handwriting: Uppercase A-Z worksheet, 1–20 fill in the missing numbers
Book making: parts of a pumpkin, parts of the spider, continents, sight words
Morning Lesson: subtraction
Emotion of the Day: Nervous
ABC’s of North America begins: alligator
Observation Table: Autumn leaves from Michigan
Afternoon Lesson: Trinomial cube
9:31am — 9:56am: P.E./10:00–10:30am: Farmer Sean

Morning Handwriting: Writers Workshop Lesson 1
H.W.T: C,O
Morning Lesson: measuring with a tape measure
Lesson: What are 3 part cards/the language of Autumn cards
What number comes before____
What number comes after ____
Emotion of the Day:
ABC’s of North America begins: bison
Afternoon Lesson: rhyming words using sight words
9:31am — 9:56am: P.E./12:47–1:12pm: STREAMS

Morning Handwriting: Draw AND write a story about a spider
Moby Max testing
Morning Lesson: types of Native American Homes/create a structure out of clay
Language/Dictionary lesson: what does it mean to ‘molt’ (how would we look this word up in the
Video: All about animals: Spiders 

Insect vs. arachnid
Emotion of the Day: worried
ABC’s of North America begins: cowboy
9:31am — 9:56am: P.E./9:56am-10:12am: library/12:47–1:12pm: library
Morning Handwriting: Write the Room: Native American Homes
Science: Review of how to read a thermostat
Moby Max testing
H.W.T: C,Z,O
Morning Lesson: Countries of North America
Begin Pin poking work of the countries: United States and Mexico
Math: Addition word problems (oral lesson)
Color the Bead Bars — 1 to 10 review
Emotion of the Day: angry
ABC’s of North America begins: dreamcatcher
9:31am — 9:56am: P.E.
Morning Handwriting: Life cycle of a pumpkin sequencing and writing work
Science: Review of how to read a thermostat
Moby Max testing
H.W.T: Q,G
Morning Lesson: Finish Native American Homes Structure
Continue Pin poking work of the countries: United States and Mexico
3 part cards lesson: Life Cycle of a Spider
Book: Spiders by Laura K. Murray
Emotion of the Day: yucky
ABC’s of North America begins: everglades
What state do we live in?
What country do we live in?
What continent do we live on?
Art: begin making dream catchers
9:31am — 9:56am: music/ 10:55–11:20 p.e./1:15–1:40pm library
Extension of Learning: see Building North America Structures project email

Thanks for all you do to allow for our classroom to have so much FUN learning together!

Warm regards,
Mrs. Norgren