Diary of a First Year Montessori Kindergarten Teacher - Week 17

Hello Montessori Kindergarten Families,
Happy Sunday! I hope you are enjoying the cool weather and all of the fun activities going on around town. It is so fun to run into your families as we are out and about enjoying the holiday season.
We are finished with week 1 of MAP testing and are preparing for another week of testing. There is still plenty going on in the classroom. You will begin to see some of what we have been up to on the walls of our school. We continue to work on Writers Workshop prompts where we incorporate sight words, handwriting, structuring sentences and creativity. We also began to learn about many traditions celebrated in November and December, beginning with Diwali and Winter Solstice. The students created rangolis and yule logs. The class is transitioning to more of the responsibilities for care of the classroom and now sweep and wipe tables after lunch along with the other responsibilities they have for preparing for lunch and cleaning up after eating together as a class. And we celebrated two birthdays this week!
Finish Great Horned Owl Writing Prompt
“I am a great horned owl. My name is ___________. I like to ___________.”
History/Time: Day of the Week and Months of the Year
Diwali and all of its traditions including Diyas and Rangolis

Math: single digit addends
Language Lesson: Introduction to Verbs
Math: Introduce number lines/addition
Practical Life — Sewing Circle: introduction to sewing using sewing cards
Handwriting: lowercase “l”
Review addition vocabulary: addend, sum
Free Reading: Cultural Holiday books
Character: Content
Isaac’s Birthday celebration
Food tasting: Rambutans
Verbs Review
Character: Virtuous
Handwriting Centers: days of the week/months of the year/major cities in Arizona
Math: number line addition
Cultural/History: Winter Solstice
Ember’s Birthday Celebration
Math: number line addition
Language: Noun/Verb connection
Cultural: yule Logs/art project
Video: Winter Solstice 

Start Art Masterpiece Holiday Theme: Christmas Cats
Math: what comes before/what comes after
Review: numbers 11 and 12
Complete various projects half day/absent students
Noun/verb group game
Video: Winter Solstice 

I hope to get the sign up link out this evening for our cooking project on Friday. Have a good rest of your weekend.
Mrs. Norgren