Diary of a First Year Montessori Kindergarten Teacher - Week 29

five red apples on white surface
photo credit: https://unsplash.com/@twinsfisch

Good afternoon Montessori Kindergarten Families,

Week 29 is in the books!  As we prepare for MAP testing, we also continue to learn and grow in our math, language, science and geography experiences.  The week we also started our Ecology unit.  The quarter we are learning a new morning song "If I had a Hammer" - here is a link to the song: ______

Math lesson: tens and ones place value review
Writers Workshop: review sequencing of a story
Writing: personal narrative
Geography: Australia - is it a continent or a country?
Language: noun/verb review 
Sound table

Geography - Uluru art project and informative writing 
Video on Uluru:
Engineering: What is an invention?
Review: telling time
ABCS OF Australia: boomerang

Finish ulura project
Talk about Student Treasures book collaboration
Math: length and measurement review
Invention: What problem does it solve?
Video: Kid President on inventions - ______________

Math: What is a Venn diagram
Prepare for MAP testing
Language: antonyms/synonyms/homonyms review
Sound table
Art: Directed line drawing - kangaroo
Continue working on student book

Ecology lesson - land/water/air
pollution vs clean
Zoology: What is a marsupial?
Video: Why do kangaroos have pouches? _______________
Math: review skip counting - 2s,5s,10s
Continue working on student book

Have a good weekend everyone. MAP testing is next week so please make every effort to be on time to school and have your child eat a hearty breakfast.

Mrs. Norgren