Diary of a First Year Montessori Kindergarten Teacher - Week 31

group of student smiling inside room
photo credit: https://unsplash.com/@mclaren1
 Good afternoon Montessori Kindergarten Families,
Our indoor planting activity was a glorious success.  There is something about getting our hands messy and dirty that truly delights the soul - and you know I am always up for these kind of adventures!
We continue to work on opinion writing in Writers Workshop.  We continue to be AMAZED by the cleverness of the projects that are coming in the classroom to represent the landmarks we have studied with our Geography unit: Australia. We have an Invention library in our classroom as part of our new works for April.  We continue to talk about recycling and composting.  We reviewed how to use a dictionary for Language work.  And we discussed the times in which we do certain activities during the day for our Time/History unit.  Handwriting, math and language continue to be daily activities.  
We worked on addition words problems and discussed what clues we are given in the story to help us figure out how to solve the problem: in all, altogether, more
Week 1 of our sight words mural - we use this to have an all class review of sight words
Morning conversations
Read/Spell Draw Groups - leader at each table
Math Journal: draw tens and ones
Comic book: Do Unicorns Recycle?
Sound table/reading
sight word cards sent home
Morning conversations
Addition word problems
Dictionary lesson: compost, recycle
label Australia map
5 minute timed math drill - 20 addition problems
Evie's birthday celebration
Sing a long
Read: Simple Machines by Rebecca Rissman
Time Game: What time of day do we do this activity (group game)
Sound table
planting day
decorate tin cans and plant grass seed
prep potatoes and plant in clear bins
Addition words problems
Writers Workshop: pick a sight word sentence, come up with a complementary sentence, draw a picture that make sense with your sentences
work on student treasures book
Opinion writing: What is your favorite musical instrument?
sight word mural
talk about invention brainstorming letter (IN YOUR CHILD'S BACKPACK)
Have a great weekend!
Mrs. Norgren