AVAILABLE NOW: Scripts for your K-6 Drama Programs

Introducing Josey's Art School First Script for your school to perform:

There’s an Ostrich in our House

Olive's two older sisters love to tease her. When they try to convince her that she's actually an ostrich instead of a little girl, it's pretty hard to believe at first. But the evidence is all there: her toes are big, and her legs are long. The feathers she finds beside her bed the next morning settle it, and Olive heads off to the farm to find her real family. The ostriches welcome her with open wings, and this sweet and naive heroine's joyful acceptance of who she really is will have audience “bawking” with laughter.

Cast of Characters:

Olive- the loveable and naïve Heroine who attempts to understand her true identity in her family
Lottie- the older sister who is used to being the leader of the family
Stella- the middle sister who likes playing tricks on Olive but also wants to be on Olive’s side when Lottie take things too far
Mom-loves to read and sing and also lets the sisters work through their squabbles
Dad-he is a busy man who takes time to sit with the family at mealtime
Farmer Joe- proud Ostrich herder with an easy going way about him
Brown Ostrich-fun and quirky like an ostrich should be
Gray Ostrich-beats the drum in the same fashion as Brown Ostrich
Ostrich #3- a fun follower in the shenanigans
Ostrich #4- a happy follower in the shenanigans

Show runs approximately 20-25 minutes. Opportunities to incorporate singing and dancing. Facts to help actors and actresses to get into character.

This program would be enjoyable for K-4th grade

This script has prompts for where to add music and dance to evolve the script into a musical. The program also includes information to help your players get into character.