Super fun way to play with Wire - 3D Art project for kids

Kids make wreaths and crowns from cupcake liners, beads, and wire. 

This project is one of my favorites and the results are amazing!  It gives each person in your group the opportunity to really shine with their individual preferences.

Supplies for Cupcake Liner Wreaths:

~ Craft wire
~ Cupcake liners (I also buy the mini ones)
~ Hole punch
~ Pony beads
~ Wooden beads
~ Buttons
~ Straws (IKEA has good ones, or Amazon)
~ Felt pieces, paper scraps, any small bit you can punch a hole in
~ Yarn (optional for pom-poms)
~ Pom-pom makers or make your own with cardboard

CLICK HERE for the step by step details