Alice @ Wonderland - the High School Stage Was on Fire!


When this little girl was born 15 years ago, I committed to take each day at a time watching and being led by the Spirit of God to nurture not just by the way I though would be best but in the way only God who intimately knows HER could teach me.  And in this journey, I have found myself. I was not an art teacher.  I worked as a retail manager.  I was so far away from that little girl that I used to be.  But as I watched my daughter, I began to notice the whisperings of my unique identity.  

If you find that you need to made that same exploration, the first step is to notice the one action you can take today.  

If you need help on this journey, it would be my honor to help.  Connect with me via my Blogger contact form or on any of my social media channels.