Day 3 - Forget What You Know - 30 Days of Yoga

I took an inventory of my year this morning.  I have been kicking around the idea of getting intentional about honing my craft as an entrepreneur.  I started owning my own business accidentally about 8 years ago.  We lived in a town where there was no work.  I started creating arts and craft and got on the craft fair circuit.  I established some wholesale customers.  I took on some marketing clients.  I was somehow making a way bit by bit.  

But the dream was to go back to a typcial 9-5 job.  Because all of the headache of owning your own business just did not seem worth it to me.  The payout was way too small.  Each year I would go into it looking for something that I like to do - these past few years it has been teaching - but I would always have a little something going as a side gig.  And each year something would happen - a lay off, a job relocation, troubling workplace situations - would find me back in the place of having to hustle once again.

As I began to chart these last eight years, I realize some ideas worked surprisingly well.  And, truth be told, actually would create the income I make as a teacher without the stress of the job and my hours would be a bit more flexible.  What I actually did begin with an intention, a business plan, and 100% of my energy?  What if I not only pumped myself up to bet on myself, but I was methodical about trusting myself?  

I decided that there is no reason not to try.  Because teaching will always be there. But this calm and calculated flow is here right now.