Soul Stories: This is what you see by Starlight


This is what you can see by starlight

The cares of the day must flee when night falls.  You put on your armor to take on all that the day will hold.  The things that came into your world unexpectedly that made you feel remembered. Or forgotten.  Where does your help come from?

You had every intention to do right, to say the right thing. To let the thing go.  But it takes two and you forget that sometimes.  You realize that though you armor up with tools that help you to fight the battles of the day, you also have this soft and open heart that betrays you.  Because no matter how much you try to respond in kind to the harshness that comes at you unprovoked, this stupid heart wants to think that her intentions are good, or he must not understand how what he is doing affects so many.  Hour by hour you feel the worship, the prayer, the affirmation deposits you placed on this day being withdrawn from.

You raise your eyes up to…
Where does your help come from…?
But when night falls, you whisper to the things of this day, “HUSH”
You get quiet and you let the darkness envelop you.
You forgive others and you forgive yourself.
Because in the starlight you see that while your circumstances are meant to shape you, they do not define you.
IN the starlight, you are reminded to “HUSH” before the only one who DOES define you.