Soul Stories: Write about an Island

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

Write about an Island…

Rabbits. Quiet, jumping, content.  Buns out, legs out.  And chairs.  Lots of cozy chairs.  And books.  Books about interesting people telling stories from the heart.  About love won.  And love lost.  Lessons learned.  Coffee or tea.  In Reggio inspired surroundings.  Reminding us of the lovely bits of childhood.  Nice wood furnishings.  And chandeliers made from random pieces.  And the only music heard from time to time would be produced by joy. Or peace. Or quiet. Lovely quiet.  There’s a loft for those who want to sit and talk quietly or read a stack of books by E. B. White or Kate Dicamillo.  Over to my right is a craft table filled with tissue paper and beads and noodles painted by children and yarn to make pom poms.  And air dry clay. 

The weary would know about this island.  And those who once gave their souls to something bigger than themselves that were tossed aside as if their contributions and sacrifices didn’t matter.  Those who forgot how to cry would find solace there.  Those who laugh to keep from crying would feel lifted and supported here.  And they would tell others that needed it about this island.  That there is a place where your comrades meet.  Where you can feel the hope kindling like logs in a fireplace.  A place where your hallelujah will return.