Soul Stories: Write about an Hour of the Day

The word  "create" is seen among a set of letterpress stamps. 

Write about an hour of the day

The sunbeams sing through the marigold curtains this morning.  I am in a living room at a cabin and the light of early morning comes to meet me beside my journal and my cup of coffee.  I hear the birds outside ushering the world into the day’s glory.  In this early morning light, I fully believe all things are possible.  The light reminds me of new mercies and new beginnings.  The rustle of my still sleepy child laying quietly on the couch next to me add another layer of the goodness that surrounds me today.  IN this time with these sounds and this light I feel the invincibility of the human spirit and the Holy Spirit communing together, conspiring on my behalf, reminding me that all things do work together for my good.  This early morning time, these breaths I take, this bowed will is the fuel that I come for like an undeniable elixir.  It is the only thing that matters.  This space like no other space in my life is where hope is kept alive.