Soul Stories: Write about Small Change

A clay stained hand of a potter engaging in a craft work of pottery or molding

Write about small change.

Life does not seem to fall together in a straight line.  It’s more like chess.  Or what I know about chess.  Because I don’t know how to play chess.  But I think its about strategy. And Luck.  Its sometimes looking like you are losing and then suddenly seeing a path open in front if you.  It’s struggling so long that you forget to even think about when the struggle is going to end and then realizing you are past it.  It’s losing someone or something and finding out something about yourself.  Its seeing that the win doesn’t even matter because of what you had to lose to get the win. 

I used to think that life was clean.  And clear.

Now I know that it is messy and complicated.  And has no map.  That sometimes multiple choices are equally good.  That there is such a thing as a ‘no win’ situation.  That sometimes you think something it over and then slowly it revives itself.  That love does come back.  That you really can let go.  That you will live and not die.  And that some scars that you think will never heal somehow do.  With enough time.  And patience.  And release. And quiet.