All the Cool kids are making abstract art

How to make layered abstract paintings with kids using warm and cool colors and a little collage. 

So... this is abstract painting 3.0 with all the beautiful colors and vibrant patterns.  This is an invitation to play in color mixing and sparkle of inspiration.

What you need to begin:

Heavyweight watercolor paper or drawing paper (we love to paint with tempera and acrylic on heavy 200# watercolor paper, but it’s easier to find 140#)
An assortment of tempera paint colors (we literally never use paint straight from the jar without mixing lots of beautiful shades)
~ Paint Brushes
An assortment of painted papers or sticker paper (instructions to follow)

CLICK HERE for the instructions.

What Do you Do with Water Soluble Wax Pastels?

Children and teens paint leaves with water soluble crayons. 

Can you believe these are created with water soluble crayons?  I bet coloring leaves could be a beautiful meditative process.  Pick up some water soluble crayons and give these a try.

Super fun way to play with Wire - 3D Art project for kids

Kids make wreaths and crowns from cupcake liners, beads, and wire. 

This project is one of my favorites and the results are amazing!  It gives each person in your group the opportunity to really shine with their individual preferences.

Supplies for Cupcake Liner Wreaths:

~ Craft wire
~ Cupcake liners (I also buy the mini ones)
~ Hole punch
~ Pony beads
~ Wooden beads
~ Buttons
~ Straws (IKEA has good ones, or Amazon)
~ Felt pieces, paper scraps, any small bit you can punch a hole in
~ Yarn (optional for pom-poms)
~ Pom-pom makers or make your own with cardboard

CLICK HERE for the step by step details

How About Making Puffy Paper Hearts

strengthening small motor skills while making beautiful art! 

My teenager (yes the one who inspired Josey's Art school is now 14!)  decided that we should create a Galentines Day party for her and 3 other friends.  I adore the idea of celebrating friendship!

So this is one of the ideas on the agenda: puffy paper hearts - cute, right?

Pretty easy project to pull together and a great way to decorate for the party as well.

Check out the tutorial over here


Patchworks Houses and conversations about Community

Patchwork houses inspired by Art Bar Blog, from
 photo credit

Whether we are studying shapes or community helpers, the little never grow tired of talking about the place they call home.  Talking together and making decision in their art projects about what details they would like to be a part of their conversations is always super interesting.  

Over on this site, I have found a beautiful for you to create with your family or with a group of friends who want something fun and creative to pass the time.

Kids make patchwork houses with collage at a birthday party. 

a peek at a potential set up: photo credit 

Some materials to gather (links support Art Bar website)

Supply list:
~ Cardboard
~ Fabric scraps (or just cut up paper: old art, newspaper, colored paper, etc.)
~ Buttons (or any other collage bits and pieces)

Self Portraits make me giddy

Mini Self-Portraits by preschoolers. 

One of my favorite projects to see on Instagram is the self portrait.  These little peeks into the mind and hearts of the littles is such a hopeful burst of energy to my spirit.  One of my favorite tutorials on how to help facilitate a project like this one is from over on this site. 

The key is to give the students a simple template for them to create within.  Some of the fascinating research done on this exercise includes insight to the size of eyes, ears and other details.

Make sure to go and check out the discoveries: CLICK HERE