Beads and Sun and Creativity - What more do you need to make smiles?

Sun prints for kids kind of rock 
Give me one good reason why you wouldn't want to try this DELIGHTFUL PRINT???

Gratitude Can Be Practiced in Many Ways - Here Is an artistic way to do it with your Children

Gratitude Mobiles make a great art project for kids, especially for Thanksgiving

Are you ready to give your children the opportunity to practice gratitude at any time?

Puffy Cuddly Rain Clouds - All Dreamy and Ready for your Walls

Make Rainbow Clouds 
I am a sucker for lovely clouds and these definitely meet that criteria - ready to create your own?

Perfume Making for YOUR Kiddos

Nature Perfume for Kids 

This great website offers some beautiful step by step instructions to make perfume = CLICK HERE

My Newest Love: Process Art

Art Secrets Every Teacher Should Know - A Reggio Inspired Approach to Learning 

I love finding new experiences to widen the opportunities to create a create mind in children.

Oprah talks to Will-Iam

The Storytellers Podcast: The Beginning of Storytelling

So I started this storyteller podcast of you would like to check it out: CLICK HERE

Encourage Creativity: Teach the Arts (documentary)

Running children's workshops: The art of encouraging creativity.

A look at Peter Diem

3rd grade Peter Diem cow paintings
Image result for PETER DIEM 




Paper Plate Owls - simple and Delightful

Paper Plate Owl craft with fabric scraps - great tactile craft for toddlers and preschoolers! 
Scrapbook paper
googly eyes
foam beak
paper plates
So much goodness: CLICK HERE

Paper Mache Weiner Dogs


This is the beginning of the most amazing paper mache dogs projects!

CLICK HERE to find the instructions and the beautiful results

A Peek at Picasso in a Different Light


Picasso fans will love this beautiful way to teach this amazing artist to your children.

CLICK HERE for the details

Who Wants to Bathe with Rainbow Soap?

A simple rainbow soap recipe that you can make with your children. 
I can't even take how exquisite this soap recipe is.

Yes please take a look at this receipe: CLICK HERE

Printing a Village


Beautiful stamp idea from this lovely blogger Purple Twig - check out the details

Pine Cones and Twigs and Pasta and Paint

teaching kids the art of assembling bits and pieces 

We here in Arizona have a tricky time finding decent twigs and pine cones.  But we are heading up North soon and so I plan on collecting items for this fun project.

Take Some Cupcake Liners and Some Pom Poms and A Little Bit of Magic

Kids make wreaths and crowns from cupcake liners, beads, and wire. 

Have you ever seen a sweeter crown to create from the loveliest of things?

CLICK HERE for the full description

I Told you I was Hooked on Mobiles but Paper Mache? BONUS!

an easy beginner paper mache project for little ones 

Ready to Try about the Cutest Paper Mache Mobile project?  

Paper Lanterns Everywhere

paper made with splattered liquid watercolor 

I have wanted to make these lanterns for years and have not been able to find a good tutorial - until now CLICK HERE

Watercolor Paper Pinwheels - Who KNew How Lovely These Could Be?

make paper pinwheels and paint them with watercolors 

Check out the genius projects over at this BLOG

Egg Carton Chimes And You Thought You Did Not need to Hang on to Those!

Pom Poms plus Ribbons Equals PURE JOY

a collaborative chandelier with ribbons and pom-poms made by kids

Check out THIS WEBSITE for the details

I Need This Star Mobile in My Life

Cardboard stars and painted and glittered in the beaded wire garland. 

Check out THIS WEBSITE for the details

Must Try Lovelies: Dreamy Catchers Made with Pompoms

Una actividad que estimulará su creatividad y les ayudará a desarrollar la motricidad fina. 

Go RIGHT HERE to find out the details

Hearts and Bunnies Together? And Wire? And Clay!

Hearts and Flowers - Shirley Vauvelle 
 imagine the animal one of the ceramic figures i haveShirley vauvelle - pottery

My Love for Mobiles Again - This Time it's Fish!

Письмо «Привет, Елена! Не пропустите новые Пины...» — Pinterest — Яндекс.Почта
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New Discovery For This Girl - Frank Stella and His Glorious Work

Frank Stella Paper Mobiles Field Elementary Art Blog! 

It's definitely time to start perusing the art scene again!  The summer is so full of possibility for me because I have more time to discover new (to me) artists such as Frank Stella.  

A shout out to this art teacher for sharing her fun project.

It Takes a Potato to Make Ice Cream - Say what?

Ice Cream Cone Potato Stamping

Fun with Baking Soda? Yes Please!

Here’s an easy science experiment featuring ARM & HAMMER™ Baking Soda that you and your kids can enjoy at home. The best part? There’s no messy clean-up afterwards. Simply fill a jar with tap water and drop in 4 drops of food coloring. Add 1/4 cup of vinegar, 3 tsp baking soda, and a small handful of buttons (HINT: rice and pasta also work). Then, sit back and watch them rise and fall.