Art and Creativity: Sharing with you my most favorite thing to teach!


Here is a peek into my space where I teach on Outschool and where I also create my videos for Youtube.

It was a bit of trial and error at first because the Wifi in our area does the best it can but it is a bit of The Little Engine that Could.   Thankfully, I have figured out a way to make it work and it has been so fun to share with your kiddos both in person and online.

Celebration of the Wildebeests


I can;t get enough of these wildebeests created by the 1st and 2nd graders this year.  Let's compare them to the real thing, shall we?

Also known as the gnu, the wildebeest is a member of the antelope family. They have a large, box-like head with curving horns. The front end of their body is heavily built, while the hindquarters are slender with spindly legs. They have a gray coat and a black mane as well as a beard that can be black or white.

Kinders Having Fun with the Jungle Theme


This is such a fun project because well who doesn't love monkeys???

I like to couple this project with my series on Henri Rousseau - he was a master at depicting the jungle in its vibrancy.

“Tropical Forest with Monkeys” (1910) (Photo: Wikimedia Commons [Public Domain])

Rousseau’s jungle paintings transport viewers into another world—one that he pieced together from his own imagination and his explorations of Paris. The artist once famously said, “When I step into the hothouses and see the plants from exotic lands, it seems to me that I am in a dream.”

Looking for some art lessons to pair together?

Art classes for kids and adults on Youtube NOW

Many of you know that I have a YOUTUBE channel that offers art lessons for kids.  I have recently begun to create videos for adults as well.  Themes include imaginative prayer and book clubs and even painting classes for you use as a time of meditation.  Both types of classes can be found over here:



New on Outschool: 20 Ways to Draw a Bird Art Class


Inspiration can be found everywhere for art classes and you may even notice some of the inspiration from the samples posted here.  I drew from the likes of James Rizzi and Pablo Picasso and rounded out the mix with just plain fun with creating from the simplest of shapes inspired by my kinder and preschool roots in Montessori.

A peek at James Rizzi

A Peek at Pablo Picasso


Creating African Mud Cloth K-6th Grade Elementary Art


Beautiful Mud Cloth creations worked on the kindergarten class but really this can easily be done with older grades as well.

Here are some ideas to create and modify for your older grades:

This link offer a version of the project that would be awesome for middle grades/high school/even adults!

A peek into Creativity in a Teen Girl's Room

As we enter into the teen years, identity becomes even more important to sort out.  And creativity is a great way to allow your children to practice this - especially so in your own home, in their room.

Here are some ideas:

20 Ways to Draw a Rabbit - New class on Outschool!


I just added a new class on Outschool - 20 Ways to Draw a Rabbit - these are in my series of online classes for kids: CLICK HERE