The Scarab Beetle's Role in Egyptian History: Art projects for kids


The scarab beetle was also called the dung beetle because of its practice of rolling a ball of dung across the ground which it then used as a food source. ... In ancient Egyptian religion the scarab was also a symbol of immortality, resurrection, transformation and protection much used in funerary art.

Here is a link to create these beauties: CLICK HERE

Moai of Easter Island - Art projects for Pre-K to 3rd Grade


Easter Island is famous for its stone statues of human figures, known as moai (meaning “statue”). The island is known to its inhabitants as Rapa Nui. The moai were probably carved to commemorate important ancestors and were made from around 1000 C.E. until the second half of the seventeenth century.

Here is a video for how to create this project with your students: CLICK HERE

Art Inspired by Lois Mailou Jones

 Throughout her career, Jones has championed the international artistic achievement of African-American art. She has also been an important role model for other African-American artists, particularly those involved with her design and watercolor courses at Howard University from 1930 to 1977.

A special thanks to Kathy Barbro who created the project you see: CLICK HERE

It's All About the Cows - some easy tutorials for your to draw your cows


I love cows! I love seeing them when I am driving around our city and I love watching walk around in open fields.  It would have been cool to have access to a working farm.

Here are some fun videos for drawing cows:

New Class on Outschool: 20 Ways to Draw a Lion


Inspired by my Outschool class "20 Ways to Draw a Cat" I present to you "20 Ways to Draw a Lion!

Alice @ Wonderland - the High School Stage Was on Fire!


When this little girl was born 15 years ago, I committed to take each day at a time watching and being led by the Spirit of God to nurture not just by the way I though would be best but in the way only God who intimately knows HER could teach me.  And in this journey, I have found myself. I was not an art teacher.  I worked as a retail manager.  I was so far away from that little girl that I used to be.  But as I watched my daughter, I began to notice the whisperings of my unique identity.  

If you find that you need to made that same exploration, the first step is to notice the one action you can take today.  

If you need help on this journey, it would be my honor to help.  Connect with me via my Blogger contact form or on any of my social media channels.

Scenes from my work day and.... My New coloring book is now Available!


First Picture:  our super sweet bunny! Her name is Luna and she keeps me company as I teach class.  We were blessed with her a few years ago from a family at a Montessori school I taught at.

Second Picture: a peek at a class I teach on Outschool called "20 Ways to Draw a Fish" : CLICK HERE

Third Picture: I published my first coloring book!  You can find it on Amazon or you can download a PDF;

Find the details here:  CLICK HERE for the physical book or CLICK HERE to download the PDF