Robin Norgren, M.A.Th, is a Montessori teacher living in Mesa, Arizona. She earned her Undergraduate degree in Management from Arizona State University and her Masters Degree in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary.  She has completed her AMS Montessori Primary Certification and is in the process of completing her AMI Montessori Primary Certification.  Her recent accolades include helping to develop a Montessori based preschool that serves as a integration program for students with Autism.

Josey's Art School was started as a passion project because Robin saw that art education was diminishing in the elementary school curriculum.  She has created and developed over 300 art lessons and has taught in classrooms, community centers and after school programs all over Arizona and Virginia.  

Josey's art school offers many types of creativity programs for kids and adults.  We bring all equipment and supplies to you.

Our Options include:

Art Masterpiece Program - This program is organized in a similar fashion as Art Museum kid's classes where we offer a brief art history lesson and then create an art project focused on the artist we explore.

The Art and Literacy Project - This program introduces kids to fun stories and then invites them to explore the images or concepts within the book through an arts and crafts project.  This one is our most popular program having been utilized as curriculum at two Montessori schools in Arizona.

Art Experiences: Mixed media Projects -This program offers a unique way of teaching art technique to children.  We work with all types of paint, watercolors, scrapbook paper and random items we use in our day to day lives.  This program is created by a Montessori trained teacher who recognizes and honors the various age groups in the classroom and modifies/amplifies the lesson based on skill level.

I Like Me: Confidence Building Art - These projects are geared towards establishing art as a means to work through stress and anxiety and develop self esteem.

Wine and Paint/Art Workshops for Women - We offer a multitude of projects that you will not only love creating but will be proud to hang in your home or give as a gift.

We also create Summer Camps, Workshops and Birthday party experiences

"I truly believe that art is a vital component in our lives, promoting peace joy and a sense of connectedness to ourselves and with each other. My work builds a foundation that helps children develop coping skills for stress and anxiety which they will draw from throughout their lifetimes."

 Our mission is to ignite creativity in children and adults.

Telephone: 480-703-4872

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