Kindergarten Art Projects Africa Themed Monkeys in the Jungle


The Kinders loved this mixed media project.  This project involved, drawing, coloring, cutting, placement, gluing.

Monkey line drawing project: CLICK HERE

Monkey drawing video: CLICK HERE

Monkey Drawing - standing: CLICK HERE  

Jungle Drawing: CLICK HERE

Flamingos Direct Line Drawing for 5th and 6th Grade Art Class


We took a few class periods to study the flamingo and to practice drawing flamingos and creating it from different perspectives.  I thought it would be nice to show both 5th and 6th grade at the same time and track the progression of their drawing skills from one year to the next.

Here are some tips for how to teach students to draw flamingos:




A Peek into my Art Room: Art Projects Inspired by Africa


I wanted to give you a peek into my amazing art room.  This room is also used with the librarian and the music teacher and we are such a good team!

This month the student focused on projects inspired by Africa.  The following is a list of resources for your curriculum:

Africa Themed Activities: CLICK HERE

Africa themed art projects: CLICK HERE

More art projects including kente cloth idea you see above: CLICK HERE

2021 Vision Board

 Some teacher friends got together to celebrate the new year and to create vision boards for ourselves.  We put a very festive spin on it with party hats and mardi gras inspired masks.  This might seem a bit silly but do you know that I think it helped me dream a little bigger?

I took a look at my vision today almost a quarter of a way through 2021 and I really am living that board.  I have created more than 10 book studies for kids, I am growing my student base on Outschool, my Teacher Pay Teachers business is thriving, I started drinking tea!

We are listening to records on my husband's record player, I have written 10 one act plays, I have started getting serious about honing my drum circle and Native American flute skills, I am hanging out with friends more consistently.

I am wearing my hairy curly about 80% of the time!

I am growing my YOUTUBE channel, adding at least two videos a week.  

I am deepening my relationship with my little sister.

And I am back to blogging.

I have created a weaving curriculum.

I have revamped my exercise lifestyle to a more moderate and enjoyable practice that to this channel.

I am still mostly vegan thanks to this channel

It has been a really long time since I have made a vision board.  I want to say at least 10 years.  There are alot of reasons for it but I think mostly it seemed like my hopes were too high and life was just to difficult.  Years we have spent merely surviving.  Like literally never feeling secure that the money would be there for bills.  So even when I write this today, it seems unreal that I am happy.  Really happy.   And grateful.  That somehow I could survive to see this part of my life.

A Scarlet Tanager Came to Visit Today

The first day at a new school.  I was welcomed in the parking lot by this beautiful bird.  The scarlet tanager is a breathtaking species.  This sighting set the tone for my day and she still lingers in my spirit today.  Nature is indeed miraculous.

How to draw a scarlet tanager: CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE

Wildebeests 1st and 2nd Grade Direct Line Drawing Project

It was so fun to introduce the students to such a regal animal.  Many of them had not heard of this animal.  It has similarities to the buffalo and the horse which was intriguing.  And the wildness of their habitat and their hunting adventures really made for an interesting discussion.

How to draw a wildebeest:


New on Outschool: 20 Ways to Draw Aliens, Monsters and Robots


I am excited to announce my new class on Outschool titled "20 Ways to Draw Aliens, Monsters and Robots"  where each week we draw three different figures and then the class votes to name it an alien, a robot or a monster.  

CLICK HERE to learn about this class and over 35 other classes I offer!

This class is inspired by the fun books that go beautifully with this theme




Kindergarten Sunsets and Huts of Africa Collage Art Directed Line Drawing


The use of primary colors, glue, scissors and an invitation to practice color mixing all came together in this mixed media project for our Africa theme this month,

Lots of beautiful interpretations and each one represents the hard work and creativity that you can experience inside a kindergarten art class.  Don't sell these young artist short! They truly are capable of amazing things.

Drawing a sunset: CLICK HERE 

African huts: CLICK HERE

Directed Line Drawing of Giraffes - Tutorials for Beginners K-6th grade

This year my focus has been to work on directed line drawing with K-6th grade.  This is a series of giraffe drawing created by 5th and 6th grade.

The following are links that will help you get started with your group:


Hippos Directed Line Drawing: How to Get kids to fall in love with Drawing

I will admit that teaching young artists to draw has not always been a priority.  Many time I sought our projects that lend more to the collage or process art side of things.  But from my experiences as a kindergarten teacher, I realize that many young artists desire to enhance their drawing skills and it seems the older they get, the more they believe that they can't be good at it because their one or two friends are 'so much better' at it.

This year, I decided to really focus in on giving the students some tools and practice time on this.  And I continue to be amazed by the results.

Here are some tools to help teach drawing of hippos:




20 Ways to Draw a Fish - New Class on Outschool


I have added another class on Outschool - 20 Ways to Draw a Fish - my series of kids online art classes: CLICK HERE

Georgia O'Keefe and the Beautiful Bones

 I have always appreciated the work of Georgia O'Keefe. And I find her art offers the most reluctant artist a way into trying new techniques.  Bones and Flowers together?  Well, it's just plain Cool!