Peppermint Sugar Scrub - A Win Win for your hands and your senses

 Sugar Scrub | Christmas | Whipped Peppermint Sugar Scrub Recipe.  Free printable labels.  Makes a great gift idea. Easy to make with this video tutorial.

As a Montessori teacher, the idea of engaging the senses is everything to me.  I have been looking through some of my old lessons trying to come up with a way to start the new school year once we are back from winter break.  As I went around the internet, I came across this beautiful pic of peppermint red, pink and white.  I want to try this out and then take it to my class.  Maybe you want to try it out too?  I found it on the website called "The Idea Room" - here is the link: CLICK HERE

Make sure you have these items available:

Whipped Peppermint Sugar Scrub
*printable recipe
½ cup coconut oil
¼ cup sugar
¼ cup pink sugar (¼ cup sugar and 1 drop of red food coloring, mixed)
5-6 drops peppermint essential oil

Character Counts and Salvador Dali Clocks

When I tell you that I have a backlog of art lessons that I need to write up before they are lost forever, I am not exaggerating!  About 6 months ago as I was organizing for a meeting to be able to teach at a local community center, I put together a portfolio for a potential client and found that I had taught close to 300 lessons.  This is mind blowing to me that this all began about 5 years ago as a result of seeing the movie "Saving Mr. Banks" and wanting to make sense of the death of my own father, the diminished relationship with my oldest son and this desire to do something different in the form of a legacy to give to my daughter.  

Today I sit here in awe of the fact that it is the slow and steady day to day activity that contributed to the type of teacher I am today in the classroom.  I am like the cook that can look in the cupboard and see the 4 ingredients and create something that is pretty tasty.  I did not believe this thing would ever go anywhere.  I was just desperate to put some meaning behind all the pain I was feeling at the time.  The pain is still there but the perspective has changed for sure.  

Here is the link to the Salvador Dali lesson: CLICK HERE

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Character Education with K-6th Grade - The Sun and the Stars

 HI everyone, 

I am taking this time where I am away from school for these next two weeks to write up the lessons we have done in our kindergarten classroom and at art events these last 20 minutes.  Many times I just take a few snap shots of what we are doing to keep the essence of the project.  The hard work is when I sit down to document for someone who is not in the room with me.  People say to me that they are amazed by what ALL I am able to do with students that are only 5 years old.  I say that I give the kiddos pretty high expectations and because they really do rise to the occasion, we are able to do some incredble things like work with acrylic paint and cook together with 20 students.  I will try my best to offer as much behind the scenes as I can to help you experience similar success.  

These pics are of a couple of character education lessons that I taught with k-6th grade.  The first one was a lesson on shining bright in the world.  The second one was able how to be a 'star' friend in the world.    

The link to the shine bright lesson is HERE and the stars lesson will be available soon. 

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