Diary of a First Year Montessori Kindergarten Teacher - Week 13

Photo by Jeffrey Lin on Unsplash

Good morning Montessori Kindergarten Families,

Happy Armistice Day! I want to take a moment to thank everyone that has served and those who have supported and encouraged and stood by service members. It is call that has a heavy price tag attached to it and you should never be forgotten for the sacrifices that have been and continue to be made.

We started our physical science unit this week discussing matter in all sorts of creative ways as you will see in the daily notes. We continue on with our conversations about North America and invite any new projects that have been created to be dropped of at school once they are complete. Our working meetings has been a lovely addition to our classroom time. We had our first Art Masterpiece lesson with Mrs. M on Monday. Finally we created a mural to celebrate the Veterans we know of in our class. If you did not get a chance to send me the name of one you know, you can still do so and we will add the name to the mural.

The class is SO EXCITED for our Learning Celebration this week. I hope that you are all able to attend.

Art Masterpiece with Mrs. M:
 Thankfulness project “3 Poplar Trees in Autumn” by Claude Monet (Impressionism)

Three Poplar Trees in the Autumn

Introduce new sight words
Handwriting: lowercase a,d
Physical Science: Matter Defined: something that takes up space
Dimension #1: Size: small, big, little, tiny, huge, medium
Observation Table: Textiles from Native Americans/Language cards of various Native American textiles
ABCs of North America: Ontario
Character: Humble
Labeling Maps of North America

Morning: your choice from each: math, language, handwriting
Physical science: Matter — mass — Heavy, light
Using scales: bucket scales
H.W.T: lowercase c,o,w,d,a
Video: Matter Chatter 

Gradation of color: Color Box III
Art Project: Veterans Mural honoring the Veteran families represented in our classroom: Red Poppies
Character trait: generous
ABC’s of North America: pinata
Quiet Reading: penguins, owls, turkeys
Working Meetings: ½ day and full day — map of North America
Continue working on Veterans Day mural
Handwriting: Sentence writing — 4 word sentences
Physical Science: Matter — Texture
Your choice: math, language — one in each category
Everyone at Sound Table today
North America: Quetzal
Character: loyal
Whole Group: starts seeds to plant book — illustration
Finish Veterans Day mural: cutting, gluing, handwriting, organizing, collaboration
Physical Science: matter/shapes — revisit geometric solids work
Video: Measure weight for kids: 

Measure land, water, air jars using a postage scale — light, heavy revisited
Begin 2 person teams: working on sight words
North America: Rockies
Character: Obedient
Group work: Life cycle of a bat flip book
Morning work: choose your math and language
Physical Science: Matter — Color

Everyone at Sound Table today
Continue reading book on bats
Work on illustrating pages 3 and 4 of seeds book
North America: Sequoia
Character: Wise
Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Remember NO SCHOOL on Monday.
Mrs. Norgren